Healing in His Wings

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Have you ever wondered what prompted the woman with the issue of blood to touch the “hem” of  Jesus’ garment? The word translated  garment in the story is translated elsewhere as “wing”. The Jewish prayer shawl, or tallit, has a very important, knotted, blue cord that hangs from the corner. This area is called the “wing”. When the Hebrew  prayed they held the “wings” of their prayer shawl out to form a “tent”. This was their prayer closet.  Old Testament scripture foretells that when Messiah comes, there will be “healing in His wings”. The woman familiar with this scripture knew to touch the “wing” of His prayer shawl to be healed. And Jesus said to her, “Your faith has healed you.” Mk. 5:34

2 thoughts on “Healing in His Wings

  1. This painting touched our retreat ladies just this past weekend. ” She reached out..” was our theme and Luke 8:43-48, Jesus said, ” Somebody touched Me, for I perceived power going out from Me..” This painting captured the essence of this moment. We must all reach out and touch the hem of His garment. Thank you for painting this Mary Beth!!! God bless you.

  2. i really appreciate the work of God in your hand this has touched me i feel the touch in my life. The inspiration has opened my eyes to look intently at Jesus and to prayerfully seek Him, your painting is very great keep on keeping on. shalom. yinka

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