In His Hands ll

Signed Print  13×13  $22 

Blank Card  5×7  pkg of 8  $16 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to snuggle into the chest of Jesus and to have complete confidence in His strong arms? “In His Hands II” is the second in a series of lambs in the arms of Jesus. Marybeth painted the first lamb of the series in watercolor, her primary medium, but enjoys the peaceful, methodical process of pencil used in her second and third.

9 thoughts on “In His Hands ll

  1. Marybeth – I have a watercolor print of this which I ADORE that I bought at a Global Harvets conference years ago..but the Lord told me to give it away recently to another ministry leader. So now I want to purchase another. However, all I see is the black and white. Do yu have any more of the watercolors ? It such a blessing to me from the verse in Isaiah.
    Thank you so much, Charleen ( Atlanta )

    • Charleen,
      Yes I do have some left….. the colored version, approximately 4×7 is $12 plus tax and shipping. Send me a check for $19, mark it “In His Hands” colored…. and your address and I will send it out to you.


  2. Hi Marybeth,
    Many years ago I purchased in His Hands with the verse at the bottom, “He tends His flock like a shepherd:”…. A few times a year I take it to my preschool to teach lessons on “How Jesus takes care of His flock. Today I just got water on my picture and it is ruined. Do you still have this in a 13 1/2-14” that fits in a mate with space for the verse at the bottom? Love in Christ, Yvonne

    • Did the mat get ruined?? You can purchase the print for $22 and it will fit in the mat. It is the same size as what you had I’m sure. So sorry that happened! But that is such a blessing to me that you use it in your preschool. Thank you.

      I don’t have the mats anymore. Just the prints.

  3. I purchased this print some time ago and it hangs in my home. The message has ministered to me as to God’s love and care for me on so many occasions. The design, was used with your permission as the theme art for a retreat that I attended many years ago. Whenever I wear the t-shirt from the retreat I get so many wonderful responses and people wonder where I got it. Do you offer it in that venue?

    • Hi Bonnie,
      Thanks so much for your kind note! I’m sorry, I don’t have t-shirts anymore. The retreat you attended probably had them made… or maybe it was so long ago they were ones I made and sold thru the retreat!
      I do have cards of that print of the lamb. We are getting ready to put the cards on the website too. So check back if you are interested!

      • thank you for your response. do you contract out your services? I love your work and I am looking for a logo for my Spiritual Direction services I will be beginning soon and am wondering if that is something we might talk about? Do you draw wolves as well as lambs? If you might be interested in discussing this with me would you email me a contact phone number or email address where I could connect with you? thank you. Bonnie

  4. I recently purchased this in what appears to be a pencil/charcoal black and white. The picture is signed Marybeth 93 and then again, just Marybeth, below that. Is this an original or a print? How would I know?

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