His Bride

Limited Edition Litho  17×18    $49

Original Watercolor 23×24  $2000 

She stands in the light of His love, pure and determined, washed in His blood. She holds the keys of the Kingdom, a dove anoints her head, and she steps out into the darkness without fear – His word a lamp unto her feet. She is the Church awaiting the Bridegroom. Stained glass windows depict her journey. On the left, the Old Testament book of Hosea displays Gomer’s unfaithfulness of adultery, lust and idolatry until God prophesied through Hosea, “You are not my people.” On the right, the New Testament, in 1 Peter and Revelation, expressthe culmination of God’s work to bring a people into intimacy with Him – “Now you are my people.” The ministering servants, both guarding and blessing, watch from above, “desiring to look into these things.”

1Peter 1:12b

Fear Not

Limited Editon Litho   18 x 22.5    $49 

The majesty and power of a visitation by the angel Gabriel is captured in this vivid watercolor.  His first words, “Fear not,” calm any heart in need of reassurance, and are inscribed in Greek down the right side of the painting. The name “Gabriel”, meaning “man of God,” is written in Hebrew on his powerful sword… a just reminder that angels are servants of the Most High, just as we are.

The Messiah

Limited Edition Litho  14 x 18    $149

From the discolored mortar oozing from the temple walls in Jerusalem, the ancient Hebrew text of Isaiah 53 appears: “He was despised and rejected… pierced for our transgressions… crushed for our iniquities… by his wounds we are healed.” The crucifixion hangs in the background as a Pharisee, perhaps Nicodemus, ponders the meaning, finally realizing the connection of the scripture’s prophecy to Jesus’ death. In the shadow of the cross he concludes this is, truly, “The Messiah.”